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Review: Special Children, Nov/Dec 2009 - Dr Garry Squires

So you have a pupil who is misbehaving and you offer one of a myriad of techniques to encourage them to change. But what do you do if the pupil does not want to change? This book aims to help with this process. It explains a counselling approach called 'motivational interviewing' that can be used in a wide range of situations. The author has found a team of practitioners who are actively working with such clients and has asked them to contribute chapters. As in other books from Positive Behaviour Management, there is a mixture of theory with sound practical advice and how to perform the techniques covered. The strategies and techniques described are supported with a rich description of examples drawn from work with young people, parents and adults in residential settings, staff training and consultation with behaviour management teams. Many of the authors write about their experience using motivational interviewing in the first person, with examples drawn from their own practice. This makes the book very readable and brings out the issues and tensions that exist in working with others. I was impressed with the mixture of approaches explained in the book that went through the expected 'talking approaches’ to more pupil friendly practical methods, such as a technique involving phrases on cards that are sorted according to the student's views about their readiness to change. Examples of motivational feedback letters are also given and the reader will find many other ideas in the text for generating questioning approaches when working with pupils.