Why buy the Full Pastoral Management Series?

The full set of the Pastoral Management series constitutes a comprehensive resource package to effectively ii) promote positive pupil behaviour and mental well-being ii) respond to the wide range of problems and difficulties some pupils experience during their school years and iii) collaborate with external agencies when required.


Pastoral Management Series - 15 books

Buy the Full Pastoral Management Series ans save on idividual prices. The Series include

  • No1 On - Report
  • No2 Pupil Self-Management
  • No3 Behaviour Contracts
  • No4 Classroom Management
  • No5 Anxiety Management
  • No6 Motivational Interviewing
  • No7 Cognitive - Behavioural Management
  • No8 Responding to Pupil Bereavement
  • No9 Pupil Support: A solution focussed approach(SFA)
  • No10 Anger and its Management
  • No11 Circle of Friends. Promoting Social inclusion
  • No12 Promoting Self - Esteem
  • No13 Promoting Emotional Literacy in Your School
  • No14 Changing Thinking & Feeling to Change Behaviour
  • No15 The Prevention & Management of Bullying
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positive behaviour management - on-report
No.1 On - Report

Describes effective strategies for making the practice of on-report more positive for the student and the improved behaviour more self-sustaining. Contains examples of a wide variety of different on-report protocols.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.2 Pupil Self-Management

Contains descriptions of a wide range of strategies and protocols to help students behave responsibly. Responsible behaviour is appropriate behaviour which occurs in the absence of teachers – it is not teacher dependent as it is student self-motivated.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.3 Behaviour Contracts

Contracts, implicit and explicit, form the basis of our social order. This booklet describes how contracts can be used within educational settings to engage difficult, hard to reach students.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.4 Classroom Management

All teachers, be they new or experienced, can increase the effectiveness of their classroom management and thence the effectiveness of their student’s learning. The means of achieving this at the whole school, classroom and individual pupil levels are described.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.5 Anxiety Management

Anxious children often do not draw attention to themselves unless significant negative behaviour such as school phobia results. This concise book describes anxiety, indicates how it can be assessed and , most importantly, describes case studies indicating how it can be addressed effectively.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.6 Motivational Interviewing

This best selling publication describes how one can talk effectively to disaffected students and elicit from them motivation to engage with education. The publication is full of examples of motivational dialogues with difficult, hard to reach students.

Dr Eddie McNamara


No.7 Cognitive - Behavioural Management

Emotional difficulties can cause distress to the student and difficulties for those around them. A structured process by which students can gain greater control over their emotions, and thus become better adjusted, is described.

Dr Mark Fox


No.8 Responding to Pupil Bereavement

The potential for anxiety, grief and other manifestations of personal distress when a member of the student community dies is great. This publication describes how the school community can respond both sensitively and effectively to such a situation.

Lesley Ratcliffe


No.9 Pupil Support: A solution focussed approach(SFA)

A SFA is described, an approach which is popular because it is both successful and a time effective framework for working with challenging individuals and groups.

Ioan G. Rees


No.10 Anger and its Management

Anger can cause upset to the student displaying it, their peers and teachers. Descriptions of student anger control strategies and a 4 session anger management course are described.

Jackie Lown


No.11 Circle of Friends. Promoting Social inclusion

Describes, with many examples, peer counselling ie how help can be given by fellow students to console and befriend peers who are experiencing behavioural and/or emotional difficulties.

Jackie Lown


No.12 Promoting Self - Esteem

Students who like themselves like to behave themselves. This publication describes strategies at the whole school level, classroom level and individual student level to promote self – esteem.

Jackie Lown


No.13 Promoting Emotional Literacy in Your School

Emotional literacy is the ability to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express ones emotions. This publication describes strategies that can be used in the school setting to facilitate students acquiring these valuable social skills.

Gillian Shotton


No.14 Changing Thinking & Feeling to Change Behaviour

Sometimes directly addressing the problematic behaviour of a student can be unsuccessful or even counter-productive. Addressing the students, feelings, beliefs and attitude can be more effective. This very practical publication describes how this can be done.

Garry Squires


No.15 The Prevention & Management of Bullying

Bullying can make the lives of significant numbers of students miserable and unhappy. This publication defines bullying and describes how it can be, ideally, prevented in schools or should it be necessary, responded to sympathetically and effectively.

Val Besag