Why buy the 3 set Pastoral intervention series?

 These publications add to the range of responses teachers and others can make when supporting colleagues our pupils in the school situation

Pastoral Intervention Series - 3 books

Buy the Full Pastoral Intervention Series and save on idividual prices. The Series includes

  • No1 - Therapeutic Stories
  • No2 - Accelerated Learning
  • No3 - Coaching in Schools: Theory, Practice and Reflection
theraputic stories - pastoral intervention
No.1 Therapeutic Stories

How to write stories to help troubled and troubling children. Contains examples of stories and how they have been used.


Gillian Shotton


accelerated learning by peter lloyd bennet
No.2 Accelerated Learning

The contents describe the benefits of seeing teachers and students as partners in life long learning. It explains how to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to value themselves and respect others.

Peter Lloyd-Bennett


pastoral intervention coaching young pupils in schools
No.3 Coaching in Schools: Theory, Practice and Reflection

Describes coaching, different ways of applying coaching in school contexts and how to encourage individual development of coaching systems to meet specific needs and unique contexts.

Zoe Stephens, Jacqueline Lee & Elinor Wilde