High School Behaviour Management - Full Series

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Effectively addressing the difficult behaviour of Secondary school students can be a particularly difficult exercise. The 3 part resource, Towards Better Behaviour, provides a framework and set of practices that are proving very popular with Secondary school teachers. The 3 part resource is made up of The Behaviour Survey Checklist for Secondary Schools (Part I), Assessment (Part II) and Intervention (Part III).






theraputic stories - pastoral intervention

Part I The Behaviour Survey Checklist

Purpose The behaviour survey checklist and summary chart this is a schedule designed for secondary teachers to:

i) identify the problematic behaviour of a pupil who disrupts lessons
ii) provide a profile of the lessons in which disruptive behaviour occurs
iii) identify the circumstances which are associated with disruptive behaviour
iv) provide a profile of the nature of the disruptive behaviou
v) describe the pupils academic ability and social skills in the context of his class






theraputic stories - pastoral intervention

Part II Assessment

This consists of four checklists/observation schedules, an assessment model for pupil motivation and an assessment strategy for pupil compliance.

  • The Pupil Management Checklist. This is designed to assess i) if appropriate in-school responses to pupil problem behaviour have been implemented and ii) the effectiveness of in-school responses in promoting appropriate pupil behaviour.
  • The Pupil Behaviour Schedule. This is designed to provide answers to the following questions
    i) what amount of time does the referred pupil spend on-task and off - task?
    ii) what is the nature of the off-task behaviour?
    iii) how does the referred pupil's behaviour compare with that of other class members? what quantitative and qualitative behaviour change occurred as a result of changes in classroom management?
  • The Classroom Situation Checklist. This is designed to assess factors in the classroom which may be associated with appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.
  • The off-Task Behavioural Analysis Schedule. This is designed for the detailed observation and analysis of an individual pupil's behaviour and its relationship to teacher behaviour.


theraputic stories - pastoral intervention

Part III Intervention

This resource consists of a wide range of protocols, templates, contracts, teacher monitored on report protocols, pupil/teacher conjoint on report protocols, and pupil self- management materials. Purchased of this resource includes photocopying rights and development rights of the contents for use in the purchasers service.