Dr Eddie McNamara

Eddie McNamara works as an Independent Educational Psychologist. He has written extensively in the areas of the prevention and management of problem behaviour, changing behaviour through changing how young people think about their behaviour and eliciting motivation to change from children and young people. Eddie has written books, chapters and articles of a very practical nature in these areas. He is also a sort after trainer in the area of MI and an accomplished speaker.

Cathy Atkinson

Dr Cathy Atkinson is an Educational Psychologist working for Bury Council and Academic and Professional tutor on the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of Manchester.  She has used MI extensively in work with primary and secondary aged pupils and has undertaken research into the effectiveness of MI as an intervention. She runs Facilitating Change, an organisation which promotes the use of MI in helping young people to understand and challenge their behaviour and which offers resources, training and support for practitioners wishing to use MI.

Beth Williams

Beth is a registered Chartered Psychologist in private practice. Beth previously worked for Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. Whilst working in Tameside Beth used motivational interviewing as part of her generic EP work, trained others, including secondary school learning support unit and pastoral staff, teachers within the Home and Hospital Service and the PRU to use MI and used MI extensively in her work as lead psychologist with the BEST (Behaviour Educational Support Team).

Clive Edmunds

Clive Edmunds has worked in the field of drug and alcohol treatment for 17 year as counsellor, trainer, programme developer, consultant, tutor and course designer. Currently Registered Manager of a detox and stabilisation unit in the west country, he has also worked in community drug services with adults and young people as well as working as a freelance trainer attached to the local drugs services education and training team. Clive has been running training courses on Motivational Interviewing since the late 90s: he trained with Steve Rollnick and Jeff Allison and went on to train as an MI trainer with Miller and Rollnick.

Abbey Rice

Abbey has an MA Psychotherapy and Counselling, is a member of the West Sussex Parenting Project. She has a particular interest in the application of Motivational Interviewing to working with 'hard to reach' pre-contemplative parents. Abbey also heads up a Youth Consultancy operating as a Social Enterprise. Young people have been trained and supported to deliver as 'Young Consultants' accredited Self Development and Training Skills courses to other youngsters (age 11-25yrs).

Vanessa Wood

Vanessa is an educational psychologist working with West Sussex Educational psychology Service. She is one of three educational psychologists seconded to the West Sussex Youth Offending Service parenting project. She has an MSc in Experimental Psychology and an MSC in Educational Psychology. Vanessa has a particular interest in the behaviour of children and young people, both at home and atschool.

Mawuli Amesu

Mawuli is a Qualified Social Work Manager, Trainer and an experienced practitioner using the solution focused brief therapy Motivational Interviewing approach. Mawuli has over 14 year experience in working with children, young people and their families in a variety of settings, including Social Care, Education and Health. Mawuli is currently working in Education as a Behaviour Improvement Programme Consultant, and previously managed two Multi-agency teams consisting of Educational Psychologists, teachers, family workers, behaviour support workers, and Education Welfare officers, administrators. As a Solution Focused Motivational Interviewing Practitioner/Trainer, Mawulis skills are a valued resource for Social Care in their preventative work with children and their families to prevent breakdown; with YOT teams to prevent recidivism and regularly works in Education providing training in behaviour management, group work to improve behaviour and attainment. Mawuli’s strengths include his ability to engage with the most resistant client and his training sessions includes his experiences and the effective strategies he has implemented.

Vicky Booth

Vicky is an Educational Psychologist in Doctoral Training, currently undertaking the professional training course at The University of Sheffield and working for Wigan Educational Psychology Service. She has a particular interest in exploring the views of young people who are refugees/asylum seekers - through narrative, in order to build on the strengths and resiliencies of these young people. A strengths-based perspective has permeated her work, including teaching for five years and working as an Assistant Educational Psychologist in Sheffield. Vicky sees Motivational Interviewing as being a positive approach for including young people in facilitating change for themselves and the settings they learn in.

Martin Hughes

Martin is a Senior Educational Psychologist for Sheffield City Councils Children and Young Peoples Directorate and an Associate and Professional tutor to the Doctoral training programme for Educational Psychologists in the School of Education, Sheffield University. He has worked in three educational psychology services in the UK and was a Senior Educational Psychologist with the Ministry of Education in Singapore. He is currently a member of the Ed. Doctorate Educational Psychology Course at Sheffield University.  Martin is interested in using Q methodology in order to explore the viewpoints of children, so as to understand better, how practitioners might engage more effectively as helpers and how appropriate approaches might be located within a suitable model of change. Martin believes that if professionals had a better understanding of a young persons view of their own behaviour, potential help and possibilities for change, then interventions might be targeted more effectively. Martin also does occasional work as an expert witness.

Stuart Duckworth

Stuart is currently undertaking a Doc Ed Psych. at Man. University focussing on Narrative approaches to working with adolescents. He is Stuart’s current focus of work is the ‘Social Inclusion’ of children with SEBD and/or at risk of permanent exclusion. His further areas of interest are the application of psychology in the wider community and with other agencies within Children's Services. Areas of Psychology of particular interest include Motivational theory, SFBT & Solution Oriented approaches, Narrative Therapy, resilience, Positive Psychology - and other areas that emphasise and utilise people's strengths/resources.

Patricia Davison

Patricia is employed by the BELB Educational Psychology Service since. She worked as a main grade psychologist until her promotion to specialist senior with the Behaviour Support Team (BST) in 2004.

The work with the Behaviour Support Team involves promoting positive behaviour management and inclusion in schools. Patricia provides training and consultation on issues regarding social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and works preventatively and systemically with schools. Other areas of interest within psychology include promoting mental health in schools.

Joe Duffy

Joe has been working as a Psychologist since 1990. Since 1998 he has been working as a Senior (Specialist) Educational Psychologist in the South Eastern Education & Library Board's Behaviour Support Team.

The primary aim of the Team is to encourage the promotion of positive behaviour in schools. This involves providing INSET, supporting and advising/consulting with staff and working with children and young people who have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In September 2007 Joe became a Professional & Academic Tutor, on the DECAP Course, School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast.

Jonathan Middleton

Jonathan began my teaching career in 1987 and worked in a specialist Social Services Unit. Jonathan qualified, as an EP in 1995, became a senior EP (Behaviour and Inclusion) and was then made Principal EP. Jonathan’s doctorate involved investigating the perceptions of young people in SEBD provision. His continuing interest is focused upon young people and their families who are described as experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Patricia Lunt

Tricia Lunt was originally a primary school teacher and an early years advisory teacher. She now works as an Educational Psychologist for St Helens Local Authority. Tricia believes education can be transformed for the better by listening to the views of children, young people, their parents and carers. Her interests are in therapeutic interventions, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, counselling and autism.