Part 1

The Theory and Practice of Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Chapter 1 The Theory & Practice - Eddie McNamara
Chapter 2 Rolling to Resistance - Eddie McNamara

Part 2

Applications with Children, Young People, Their Teachers and Families
Chapter 3 MI in Educational Settings: MI with children and young people - Cathy Atkinson
Chapter 4 Substance Abuse: Using MI in a Community Setting - Clive Edmunds
Chapter 5 Using MI with ‘Hard to Reach’ Parents - Vanessa Woods and Abbey Rice
Chapter 6 Combining Solution Focussed Approaches with Motivational Interviewing - Mawuli Amesu
Chapter 7 Assessment of Motivation to Change
Section 1 Assessing Pupil Motivation for Change: a Questionnaire Approach - Vanessa Woods and Abbey Rice
Section 2 Assessing Pupil Motivation for Change: Using Card Sorting Methodology - Martin Hughes and Vicky Booth
Chapter 8 MI and Systems Level Intervention
Section 1 Using the Stages of Change Model to Facilitate Change at a whole School Level - Stuart Duckworth
Section 2 A Retrospective Evaluation of MI INSET - Jonathan and Patricia Lunt
Chapter 9 Integrating MI Strategies into a Consultative Model - Joseph Duffy and Patricia Davison
Chapter 10 Concluding Observations - Eddie McNamara