primary school behaviour checklist

Behaviour Checklist for Primary Schools

The Behaviour Checklist for Primary schools is a particularly attractive resource as it not only helps to identify and analyses problematic student behaviour but also indicates how such behaviour can be assessed so that interventions can be evaluated. Thus is finds a natural place in school practices based on the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.




The Behviour Checklist consititues a comprehensive and balanced assesment of a teacher`s judgement concerning pupil disruptive behaviour and the circumstances in which it occur`s. This is achieved by identification of :

  • General Areas of Concern.
  • Specific problem behaviours.
  • A priority list of the behaviours which are the most serious cause for concern.
  • Circumstances which adversely influence pupil behaviour.
  • The pupil`s attributes.


The information from the behaviour checklist can be used to:

  • Initiate an analysis of individual pupil behaviour
  • identify circumstances which are associated with disrupive behaviour.
  • Contribute to the formulation of an Individual Educational Program (IEPr).
  • Establish a baseline of information prior to the introduction of an IEPr.
  • Provide accurate information for external agencies.
  • Form a starting point for offering guidance and / or counselling.
  • Contribute to the case for a stage 4 statutory assessment.